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 It took him quite some time, but finally the wait is over! After “Enemy of The State” in 2001 and its successor “Enemy of The State II – A Mind Less Ordinary” in 2007, Nosferatu has finally finished his third masterpiece: “Strength”. The Enzyme Records-based DJ/producer spent countless hours in the studio, which resulted in 25 tracks for this double album. “Strength” is Nosferatu’s vision on modern hardcore, captured in audio. A huge selection of brand new solo-tracks, collaborations and remixes is about to take the scene by storm.

Nosferatu (Erwin van Kan) is one of the leading artists in hardcore nowadays. For more than fifteen years, he has been among the most respected artists in the game. After getting a signed by Ruffneck Records back in the nineties, Nosferatu developed himself into the machine that he is today. After releasing several EP’s, he established his reputation with the release of his debut album “Enemy of The State”. Twelve years later, the ‘Nos’ is still on top of the game! By releasing his third album “Strength”, he has raised the bar once again for every producer in hardcore.


One simply does not put Nosferatu in ‘just’ one category, something he proves by selecting these 25 brilliant tracks. Versatile as a chameleon, he is reckoned to be one of the biggest melodic geniuses of the scene. Examples of his talent are tracks like the magical collaboration with Ruffneck and Ellie on “Wide Eyed Innocence” and “Fade to Nothing” with Tha Playah. Or for that matter, the collab with The Viper on “Who We Are” and the album’s title track “Strength”. Raging hardcore with an emotional touch. Next to this, you also can find some other styles of hardcore, like ‘clowncore’! What’s that you say? It’s out-of-the-box ‘odd’ hardcore, with tracks like ‘Poop’ and ‘Dr. Shitkickaz’. But also many unreleased remixes of old Ruffneck Records bangers. After going through the catalogue of his former label, Nosferatu selected six tracks to remix for “Strength”. The long awaited “Who Is It” by Knightvision, “The Enemy” by Ruffneck, Wedlocks “Acid Rain” (a collab with Meccano Twins), “(Now) Who’s In Control” by Phoenix, the vicious “The Holy Kingdom” by Wedlock & Knightvision and last but not least, the brilliant “Evolution Theory” by Wedlock. “Strength” even features an uplifting tribute track to the 1995 breakbeat scene; “Kriminal Kultcha”.


Nosferatu invited a lot of artists to work with him on “Strength”. Next to earlier mentioned artists, he took on some challenges like the brutal ear perforated track with hardhead ‘sneaker seeker’ Drokz. Also worth mentioning is the get-together with ‘Enzyme Records’ Triax and Lunatic & Miss Hysteria. It resulted in a beautiful merging of different sounds into one. Other huge names are Endymion, Outblast and Evil Activities, and spread throughout the album you’ll find vocals by Minckz and Alee. The Outside Agency has worked their magic on a remix of “The Wolves of Creation”. And last, but most certainly not least, the maestro himself: the solo tracks by Nosferatu.

“Strength” is without any doubt Nosferatu’s most personal album up to date. It’s the outcome of the good times and the bad times in life. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s the climax of Nosferatu’s abilities, a guarantee for some mind-blowing and beautiful music!



 01. : Nosferatu - Hate Me Like A Pro

02. : Nosferatu With. Triax - Rise To Be Despised

03. : Ruffneck - The Enemy (Nosferatu Remix)

04. : Nosferatu With. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Technology Exceeds

05. : Knightvision - Who Is It? (Nosferatu remix)

06. : Nosferatu - Strength

07. : Nosferatu With Ruffneck - Poop

08. : Nosferatu - Kriminal Kultcha (Breakbeat Tribute)

09. : Phoenix - Now, Who's In Control? (Nosferatu Remix)

10. : Nosferatu With. The Viper - Hate On Yourself

11. : Wedlock & Knightvision - The Holy Kingdom (Nosferatu Remix)

12. : Nosferatu With. Outblast - Hope Dissolves


 01. : Nosferatu With. Tha Playah - Fade To Nothing

02. : Nosferatu feat. Minckz - Unglory

03. : Nosferatu With. Evil Activities - Sick Of It All

04. : Wedlock - Evolution Theory (Nosferatu remix)

05. : Nosferatu With. The Viper - Who We Are

06. : Nosferatu - Dr. Shitkickaz

07. : Wedlock - Acid Rain (Nosferatu & Meccano Twins Remix)

08. : Nosferatu With. Ruffneck & Ellie - Wide Eyed Innocence                       

09. : Nosferatu With. Endymion - Uphold The Future

10. : Nosferatu feat. Alee - Beyond Borders                       

11. : Nosferatu - The Wolves Of Creation (The Outside Agency Remix)

12. : Nosferatu With. Drokz - No Surrender                       

13. : OUTRO - The Enemy Of The State Speaks


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Release date 22 Mar 2013